A good place to live

We think Mt Albert is a great suburb. It bustles with multi-cultural flavour, has solid and stately historical roots, and a beautiful mountain to connect its community. Located close to the city but filled with leafy streets, there are features on offer and amenities galore for all to participate in and enjoy. We feel grateful and proud to be a part of it.

Take a look at the Our Mt Albert page for some of the highlights of our suburb, including its history, best features and a gallery of what Mt Albert has to offer.

The Community Noticeboard lists a directory of all clubs, groups, facilities and community organisations in our area.

The Business Association site includes a directory of who is in business in Mt Albert, as well as useful information for business owners.

You can also have your say; post an opionion on our blog or upload your own images of our area, our people, our events and what we do.

By creating this site, we aim to enhance Mt Albert's identity, value its heritage, increase our pride of place, and strengthen our sense of community – making it truly, a good place to live.

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Mt Albert wants its money back!

This was the catch-cry of the Mt Albert Residents Association recently. In 1989, Mt Albert Borough Council handed over 15 million dollars in assets to Auckland City Council, during the amalgamation of all Auckland's councils. In todays terms, that figure equates to something close to 50 million dollars. We want some of that money to be spent in Mt Albert.